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Suffer from Travel Sickness: Try these useful methods

All of us face a problem when we go on vacations i.e. travel sickness. Whether you are travelling by bus, coach, car, boat, the motion of the vehicle may cause terrific symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, general discomfort and nausea. Some people have ginger (in the form of tea, tablets, biscuits and chewing gums), while some wear acupressure bands before the travelling to get some relief. Well, these all are the scientific theories, there are some accessible and useful techniques that help you to feel calm, steady and comfort with minibus travellers.

Remember always that there are some correct ways to sit in the minibus if you feel discomfort- you can sit in middle or right at the front.

Travel sickness occurs when your eyes get register that you are moving rapidly fast, but your inner ears think you are just sitting still. That confuses the brain, and you start feeling discomfort and dizziness. The best way to stop your mind from muddle is to sit in a seat that enables you to sit still. That is the middle part of the minibus where the engine vibrations and the swerves of the road can felt quickly. That means you should always sit at the right front of the minibuses from where you can directly look out the windscreen in spite of the landscape whizzing.

Let your eyes relax:

Most of us believe that reading a book or watching a movie while travelling can relax your mind, which is not true. Forcing your eyes to focus on the small page fonts or moving images on the screen may cause dizziness. Well, distraction is necessary, but there is a right way to do. You can let your eyes relax by closing them and listening to some calm music. You can also put a pillow under your head- it keeps your mind, body and eyes rest.

Take long deep breaths:

The best way to avoid dizziness is to start taking deep breaths. It will lower down the symptoms of feeling sick. If you still don’t feel better, then our driver are ready to pull off to make you feel better.
Interact with people:

You had amazed how good it is to engage with another person while travelling; it may lower down your travel sickness. Or if you are travelling alone, then nothing is better than a phone call to your dear friends.

The minibuses of London Minibus Hire are fully centralised and have climate control. Our coaches are clean, neat and comfortable; you may call us today for further information.


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