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A Complete Traveller’s Guide On Luton Airport

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a rookie explorer, there’s always something new to the bustling UK hub. This stands prime, especially when your plans consist of airports across the nation. Be it transport choices, baggage areas, terminal treasures or other rules and regulations, things tend to change dynamically. Moreover, every airport has its infrastructure that serves equally to the passengers and the staff. So, to add to your convenience, London Minibus Hire provides you with a traveller’s best friend – a complete guide to Luton Airport.

When and How to Arrive

Chronologically, one needs to be prepared fully before arriving at the Luton Airport. According to the official recommendations, passengers are requested to arrive at least 2 hours before their flight timings.

Additionally, one will need to carry their travel documents with them. These include a passport and other authorization documents. Furthermore, make a note to go through the list of items that are prohibited inside the airport.

Checking In and Luggage Drops

Like most airports over the world, Luton Airport flaunts the convenience of online check-ins. Depending on your airway, you can check in early for your flight. However, when online check-in(s) are unavailable, or you need to check in your luggage, you will need to proceed towards the check-in area before security.

Remember, airlines are responsible for this process. So, opening and closing times can significantly vary depending on the airline.

How to Go Through Security

Security checkups are the pillars of flights and airports. They are the biggest reason that passengers are requested to arrive early. Even when you’ve checked in online and only have hand luggage, you need to pass through security checkpoints.

The security queues are usually a smooth journey. However, depending on the foot traffic, it can sometimes require some patience. So, in the meantime, one can either stand in the line or choose to sit and wait out in a nearby spot. While Luton Airport strives to minimize queues, airport security can not ever be compromised. Moreover, it is important to know that boarding passes are mandatory to be scanned at security checkpoints.

Additionally, in case you need a swift process, you can utilize Luton Airport’s Fast Track security service. It will quickly get you through security and transfer you to the Departures area.

Landing on the Airport

After landing at London Luton Airport, you will soon be guided to a parking stand, as steps will be positioned at your aircraft’s door. Furthermore, the unloading of your luggage will begin by the airline’s ground handling team.

Once you exit the aircraft, you go through the immigration hall, staffed by the UK Government’s Border Force.

Travelers with biometric passports can use the e-Passport gates. However, ensure to remove hats and glasses for the camera. Furthermore, note that passengers must be 10 years old or older to use these gates. On the same note, people under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Remember that this process can sometimes get busy, especially if multiple flights have arrived near your timings. In case of a special request or attendance, feel free to ask the ground staff for assistance.

Baggage Return and Lost Items

You will be eligible to retrieve your luggage after passport verification. You will swiftly be informed through our dedicated team of visible boards about your baggage claim spot. However, in peak hours, minor delays in bag arrival can occur. You can raise and address concerns with the ground handlers or directly with your airline.

In case your baggage does not arrive or is damaged, you must promptly report it to your airline. London Luton Airport is not directly involved in this process and cannot assist in this case.

If you misplace any belongings while navigating the airport, Luggage-Point can offer assistance as it manages all lost property items. Furthermore, in case you forget something on your flight, you can contact your airline’s ground handling agents.


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